164 County Road 383

Killen, AL 35645

Master National 2012 – Greensboro, Alabama

We had 6 dog that qualified to participate in the event:

  • Jessica’s Chocolate Cait “Cait” #19
  • Double G Cosmo’s Dream Girl “Abby” #8
  • Mosby’s Big Jake “Jake” #32
  • Tubby’s Maxximum Trouble “Maxx” #46
  • Johnson’s Redwind “Faith” #118
  • Crimson’s Coriander Dream “Andi” #172

We drew the “C” flight and there were 178 dogs in our flight. To see the diagrams of all the tests, click here. A special congratulations to our three dogs that passed the 2p12 Master National!




“Are we having fun yet”

Our flight drew a test named “Are we having fun yet” as our first series. It took two days to run all of the dogs in the first series. Cait, Abby, Maxx, Faith and Andi all ran the test clean and ran a nice blind. Jake ran on Sunday morning during a really brutal sequence where our flight lost 7 of 12 dogs. Unfortunately Jake was one of the 7 dogs that got picked up, so he was done for this year’s MN. Shown below is Jimmy running Cait on the first series. Cait was the oldest dog at the Master National this year.


Our second series was a test named “Censored”. It started with a poison bird blind, and you lost sight of your dog as it went over the peninsula. We had 5 of our dogs back to this series, and all of them ran this test pretty well.

Cait getting ready for her run in the first series, Wet Willie

Cait watching her birds fall in the third series, Crazy Eights.

“Double Trouble”

Our third series was a test named “Double Trouble”. We had heard lots of rough stories about this test. The way the rotation fell, Andi was the first dog to run this test. Andi ran the test well, with one quick handle, and Tracy could actually breathe again! This was the first MN that Tracy had handled a dog at. We had our 5 dogs from the second series all back to this test. However, we lost both Faith and Cait in this series. Shown below is Faith and “Johnsy”. Faith was handled at MN by our good friend and trainer, Don Johns. Don and Jimmy had both played parts in Faith’s training, but she had been with Don during the summer to make sure she got everyday training, so we wanted him to handle her during MN.

“Oops I did it again”

Our fourth series was a test named “Oops I did it again”. By looking at the test diagram, you can see the test got its name from the two middle birds. The handlers had to be very careful not to let their dogs switch or return to the old fall. We had Andi, Maxx and Abby back to this series. Shown below is Jimmy and Maxx watching the left hand bird of this test fall.

“Oh no Mr. Bill”

Our Fifth series was “Oh no Mr. Bill”. The troublesome part of this test was again losing sight of your dog, this time on the marks. Then there was a tough water blind at the end, where it was made clear your dog had to get on the end of the peninsula, but you better not lose sight of them around the back side. This was the last series of the test, and this was the money bird. Shown below is Jimmy and Abby, lining up for the left hand land blind.


After a very long and stressful week, and 5 very tough tests – the toughest MN in years, to hear some say – we were very happy to have 3 of of 6 participating dogs recieve silver plates. It was Abby and Andi’s first plate, and Maxx’s second.

Some random pictures from the event