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164 County Road 383
Killen, AL 35645

Puppies Born October 24, 2020 

Seasides Troublesome Fowl Pursuit *** X Crimson's Gonna Ask Forgiveness MH

FC AFC Seaside's Gorgeous George X Seaside's California Chrome***

FC AFC High Tech CEO X Ace Armor Finest's Black Jet***

We are excited to announce this litter of Black and Chocolate puppies born October 24, 2020!  This is an outstanding cross of two very nice pedigrees.  

Missy had this litter of puppies on Saturday morning, October 24.  She did a great job, especially for a first time mom and quickly had 10  healthy and beautiful puppies!  We have 4 males (2 black and 2 chocolate) and 6 females (1 black and 5 chocolate).  We always give the puppies in our litters nicknames to help us keep up with them while they are here with us.  Each litter has a theme, and the nicknames go with the theme.  New owners are not required to keep the nickname when they take their puppy home, although a lot of our owners do choose to keep their puppy's nickname in their registered name.  Since this litter of puppies was born on Tracy's Birthday, this litter has..... Halloween names?!?  Our twins Nathan and Sidney are now 7 years old, and this was the first time they wanted to help name a litter of puppies.  You would think they would want to name them Birthday party names since they were born on Mom's birthday, but in typical "kid" fashion, they did the opposite and wanted Halloween names.  So - we are proud to introduce.:

Males: Casper, Pumpkin, Freddy and Jack
Females: Treat, Vampirina, Candy, Autumn, Luna and Witchy

Click here to see individual puppy pictures and information.

Puppies are now 1 Week Old!

Missy's puppies are now one week old.  We have been so happy with what a great mom she has been!  It is truly amazing to watch "Mother Nature" at work with a first time mom - the natural instincts kick in and she somehow knows exactly what to do.  These pups are super healthy and growing so fast.  They have gained alot of weight this first week and they are fat and happy! 

Puppies are now 2 Weeks Old! 

Missy's puppies are now 2 weeks old!  We have been so surprised at how FAST these puppies are growing and how BIG they are getting!  Momma is definitely giving them good milk!  They have started opening their eyes in the last few days, and they are finding their feet and starting to "wobble" around.

Puppies are now 3 Weeks Old!