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164 County Road 383
Killen, AL 35645

Puppies Born May 27, 2021 

Seaside's Troublesome Fowl Pursuits *** X Crimson's Sweet as Dixie Crystal, MH MNH

FC AFC Seaside's Gorgeous George X Seaside's California Chrome ***

FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux, MH X Johnson's Redwind, MH MNH

We are excited to announce this litter of Black and Chocolate puppies born May 27, 2021!    

Sugar  had this litter of puppies on Thursday, May 27.  She did a great job, and we were thankful for an  "Evening" Delivery!   We have 3 Black Males and 1 Chocolate Male, 1 Black Female and 2 Chocolate Females.  We always give the puppies in our litters nicknames to help us keep up with them while they are here with us.  Each litter has a theme, and the nicknames go with the theme.  New owners are not required to keep the nickname when they take their puppy home, although a lot of our owners do choose to keep their puppy's nickname in their registered name.  It's always fun to figure out what theme we are going to use for a litter.  We are about 60 miles West of Madison, Alabama, where a new Minor League Baseball team was scheduled to start play in 2020.  The "Rocket City Trash Pandas" had a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the new team and stadium.  We were very excited and looking forward to attending some games - but, of course, Covid...  Thankfully the Trash Panda Craze is still alive and well, and have been playing in front of sold out crowds this summer!  And we are happy to have tickets to an upcoming game in a few weeks!
We are proud to introduce our own little Trash Panda Team.:

Chocolate Male: Sprocket
Black Males: Cruz, Higgins, MacKinnon 
Chocolate Females:  Bell and Isabel
Black Female: Panda 

Click here to see individual puppy pictures and information.

Puppies are now 1 Week Old!


Puppies are now 2 Weeks old!

Puppies are now 3 Weeks old!

If you've wondered what it's like trying to take the individual pictures, this is a good representation!  At least I have good helpers!

The puppies got a few minutes outside and their first introduction to grass!.


Puppies are now 4 weeks old

Puppies are now 5 weeks old