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164 County Road 383
Killen, AL 35645

Puppies Born August 11, 2018

GRHRCH Tiger's Come on Home Boy, MH X Crimson's Little Bit of Booty, MH

FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Tiger McBunn X Westlake's One for the Road, MH

FC AFC Land Ahoy X Sureshots's Little Latin Lover MH MNH

We are excited to annouce this litter of Black and Chocolate puppies born August 11, 2018

Penny had this litter of puppies on Saturday morning, August 11.  She did a great job and quickly had 5  healthy and beautiful puppies!  We have 3 males and 2 females.  We always give the puppies in our litters nicknames to help us keep up with them while they are here with us.  Each litter has a theme, and the nicknames go with the theme.  New owners are not required to keep the nickname when they take their puppy home, although a lot of our owners do choose to keep their puppy's nickname in their registered name.  This litter of puppies was born less than 2 weeks after the birth of our granddaughter, Anniston Blake Bowling, so we decided to name this litter after her, and her mommy and daddy.    We are proud to introduce.:

Males: BIL and Grant
Females: Anniston, JJ, Blake

Click here to see individual puppy pictures and information.

Puppies are Now One Week Old

Penny's puppies are now one week old, and they are all doing great!  Everyone has gained the right amount of weight, and we are getting caught up on our sleep!    

Puppies are Now Two Weeks Old

Penny's puppies are now two weeks old! They are starting to open their eyes and nursing constantly - Penny is doing great and is a wonderful little momma!

Puppies are Now Three Weeks Old

Penny says these puppies are getting really big now mom!

Penny's puppies are now three weeks old! Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around a little more every day!

Puppies are Now Four Weeks Old

Penny's puppies are now four weeks old! They are moving all over the place and playing with each other now.  They are big enough and mobile enough to crawl out of the pool, so we moved them out of the house and back to the kennel this week.  They started eating our "cooked down mush" this week, getting ready to start eating solid food next week, and then weaning off mom will be next!   I've been a little under the weather this week, so I haven't taken as many pictures this week.... We'll make it up next week!