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164 County Road 383
Killen, AL 35645

Puppies Born May 24, 2020

GRHRCH Tiger's Come on Home Boy, MH MNH  X Crimson's Sweet As Dixie Crystal, MN MNH

FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Tiger McBunn X Westlake's One for the Road,MH

FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH X Johnson's Redwind MNH

We are excited to annouce this litter of Chocolate puppies born May 24, 2020

Sugar had this litter of puppies on Sunday morning, May 24.  She did a great job and quickly had 10  healthy and beautiful puppies!  We have 5 males and 5 females.  We always give the puppies in our litters nicknames to help us keep up with them while they are here with us.  Each litter has a theme, and the nicknames go with the theme.  New owners are not required to keep the nickname when they take their puppy home, although a lot of our owners do choose to keep their puppy's nickname in their registered name.  Since this litter of puppies was born during a historic national Pandemic, it only made sense that they would have Coronavirus nicknames!.    We are proud to introduce.:

Males: Quinn, Covid, Sars, Maury and Desi
Females: Corona, Charmin, Irus, Tina and Demi

Click here to see individual puppy pictures and information.

Puppies are Now One Week Old

Sugar's puppies are now one week old, and they are all doing great!  Everyone has gained the right amount of weight, and we are getting caught up on our sleep!    

Puppies are Now Two Weeks Old

Sugar's puppies are now two weeks old! They are starting to open their eyes and nursing constantly - Sugar is doing great and is a wonderful little momma!

Puppies are Now Three Weeks Old

Sugar's puppies are now three weeks old! Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around a little more every day!  This litter has been super active since day 1, and they are already crawling out of the pool.  We started cooking down food for them and they immediately took to it just like they have everything else.  Messy pictures shown below!

Puppies are Now Four Weeks Old

Sugar's puppies are now four weeks old! They are moving all over the place and playing with each other now.   They got moved from the house to the kennel this week because we couldn't keep them in the pool!  It usually takes a day or so for the puppies to get acclimated to the new environment when all they have known is inside the house, but not this litter.   They were immediately exploring their new home and running and rough-housing in all the extra space!

Puppies are Now Four Weeks Old

Sugar's puppies are now five weeks old! Thing are really fun and wild these days! They are no longer eating softened food - they are eating solid food.  This will be the week that we start weaning them off Sugar, and we'll get their six week shots scheduled.  We've been working really hard on socialization and introducing them to new things!

Our kids love the puppies and play with them often, and like to help with feeding time.  .

In the first picture of this row, there is one puppy that is backwards in his feeding spot..... without even looking, I knew it was Maury.  Nathan was hand feeding Covid tonight - fair warning to Covid's new owners, this baby is spoiled, and likes to be held often!

These pictures really show the difference in the shadings of chocolate, and in the last picture you can see the difference in size in Covid, the smallest puppy, and Maury, one of the larger puppies.  And of course, I had to share another picture of the acrobat, Maury.