Razor Sharp's Rip Tide, MH MNH4 X Crimson's Mouse in the House, MH
Rip-MN2014 Minnie110616
FC AFC Esprit's Power Play X Bodines' Lean Dusting Machine   GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank, MNH7 X Crimson's Black Powder Girl, MNH        

Rip is 11 years old and owned by Jody Ware of Razor Sharp Retrievers.  Rip passed the Master National in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and has 45 Master Passes.

OFA - Excellent    CERF - Clear
EIC - Clear     CNM - Clear

 Minnie is 2 years old and earned her Master Title in October.

OFA - Good     CERF - Clear
EIC - Carrier     CNM - Clear

We are excited to announce that we had a litter of Black and Yellow Puppies born November 18 out of our Rip and Minnie breeding!

Minnie had her first litter of puppies on Friday, November 18.  She did great and had 7 beautiful, healthy puppies in 4 hours!   We have 4 males - 2 black and 2 yellow; and 3 females - all black.  We always give the puppies in our litters nicknames to help us keep up with them while they are here with us.  Each litter has a theme, and the nicknames go with the theme.  Owners are not required to keep the nicknames when they take their puppies home, altough a lot of our owners choose to keep the nickname in their puppy's registered name.  With this litter being born the weekend before Thanksgiving, it was easy to pick the theme.  We are proud to introduce...

Males - Chief, Christopher, Pilgrim and Plymouth

Females - Mayflower, Autumn and Pumpkin


Click here to see individual puppy pictures and information.

All of the puppies in this litter are SOLD.

Puppies are now 1 week old
Minnie and her puppies are doing great.  Lots of eating and sleeping going on these days.   The puppies had their first visit to have their dew claws removed and they are getting lots of love from all of us, but especially from our twins, Nathan and Sidney!
Mpups1a Mpups1c Mpups1b Mpups1d

Puppies are now 2 weeks old
Minnie's puppies are growing fast!  Their eyes are starting to open and they are trying start walking. 
Mpups2a Mpups2b Mpups2dMpups2c
 Still lots of sleeping going on, and it's getting pretty crowded at the milk bar!  The puppies didn't seem to mind and were pretty comfortable in their temporary home while we were cleaning their regular spot.
Mpups2eMpups2f Mpups2g Mpups2h

Puppies are now 3 weeks old
Everybody's eyes are now fully open, and walking around.  Some are steadier on their feet than others, but we are now seeing changes in them daily.  This will be their last weekend in the  house.  They will go out to the kennel and come out of the pool so they will have more room to start walking around and playing.  No worries though, plenty of heat and they will still make visits inside to play!
Mpups3b Mpups3a Mpups3dMpups3c
Funny how kids watch and mimic...  I was taking pictures of Nathan with the puppies while Sidney was playing.  I walked over to put the camera down and heard Sidney saying "Say Cheese Bubba.."  HAHA!  I turned around to see her taking his picture with her camera.
Mpups3f Mpups3e Mpups3hMpups3g

Puppies are now 4 weeks old
Minniepups4a Minniepups4b
"Mom, how much longer do I have to do this???" "Ok, this is my more dignified look.."
 The puppies are now four weeks old and they have moved to the "big house".  Minnie is starting to spend more time out of their pen and we can tell she's getting ready to wean them.  I couldn't resist posting both pictures of her this week.  We started the puppies on soft food this week and they figured out very quickly that they liked it!  They are growing and changing every day.  The wrestling is just now starting and they have learned if they run to the gate they will be picked up and petted.  It's hard in this weather to get any "outside" time, so we are hoping we can get some warmer days to let them start venturing out in the grass.  Lots of pictures this week - there was just so many to choose from.....
2016121920920161219198 20161219201 20161219211
20161219213 20161219204 2016121921220161219294

Puppies are now 5 weeks old
The puppies are now five weeks old and they are eating solid food.  They finally got to spend some time outside playing when we had a few days of really nice weather.  We'll start weaning them this week from Minnie, getting them ready for their new homes.  The picking process has started and we are starting the planning for "take home" days!

Puppies are now 6 weeks old
The puppies are now six weeks old and fully weaned from Minnie.  They have their vet visit scheduled for their shots and plans are being made for the puppies to go to their new homes.  It's always bittersweet at the end when they start going home.  This is the age when they are so fun, and we love watching them learn things so quickly.  This week we are sharing some "out takes" of the weekly weight gain pictures and some pictures of the puppies' introduction to birds.
 20170102742017010269 20170102762017010282

 These puppies love to give kisses - and the award for "hardest puppy to photograph" goes to Plymouth this week!

Introducing the puppies to birds is always fun.  The first few seconds they are so unsure - but instict kicks in very quickly and they are bringing that bird back any way they can!